How to Outsource Credit Control in London


If you’ve ever been in business, or worked in the Finance department of any company, you’ll already know what one of the worst tasks is. Credit Control, right? That brain-numbing repeating task of chasing down unpaid and late invoices, listening to excuses and hoping – often against all hope or common sense – this time may be different, right?

Well, there’s a better way – and we’re going to show you what it is. Behold, our article on how to outsource credit control in London – and it’s here to help YOU.

The first – and main – thing you already know is that by outsourcing control, you will automatically reduce the hassle, stress and waste of your valuable time chasing late payments.

So without further ado, read on to discover the easier, better and more cost-effective way to improve cash flow : How to Outsource Credit Control in London.

Why should I outsource credit control in London?

One of the biggest challenges with employees chasing late payments and unpaid invoices is it prevents them from undertaking other work, that could be more profitable for the business.

Even if it’s someone in Credit Control, it still swallows all their time to track payments, speak with customers, reconcile payments – all to be repeated again and again, especially when not paid the first time.

Additionally, once there’s a late payment and it’s escalated up the corporate ladder, it starts distracting the executives and managers of the company when they should be doing their own work.

Finally, once an executive, manager or director starts chasing late payments, and can often affect the trading relation

Simply put, if you use outsourced credit control London you and your staff can relax, knowing the right people are dealing with the issue, thus leaving you time and energy too focussing making money for the business.

How do I outsource credit control in London?

The first step you should take is to find the right credit control company, one that :-

  • fits your cash flow needs
  • has a proven track record in financial recoveries such as unpaid invoices and late payments
  • one that provides value for money

One such company that’s renowned for excellent credit control is above and here’s why :-

  • over 25 years in debt recovery
  • simply and sensibly priced
  • independent and ‘arms length’ service
  • undertake full communication with your client

The harsh reality is, if you do your own credit control in-house it becomes expensive in terms of wasted time, repeated tasks and money (some companies end up hiring their own credit control staff, who end up overwhelmed).

A far more cost-effective and efficient method is to outsource credit control to a specialist recovery company, who knows how and what to do in every situation until the payment is made.

Ask yourself – can you really afford not to outsource credit control in London?