A Guide to Claiming Tax Back after You’ve Left the UK


It’s hard to believe that anyone should ever want to leave this ‘warm and pleasant land!’ Nevertheless thousands do. There’s also something that a large number who leave don’t realise; and that is, more than likely they’ll be entitled to claim paid UK tax back.

The UK tax office isn’t over keen to send out ‘heads up’ reminders nor, indeed, to write cheques willy-nilly.

If you think you’re owed money then you’ll have to make a claim. But be warned, this can be a complicated task; miss out appropriate information and you could miss out of some serious dosh!

  • Who can claim?

Well, anyone can claim, however to make a legitimate claim you must:

  1. Be about to leave the UK or
  2. Have left, resettling abroad up to four years since

The rules are quite complicated, and, frankly, a little mind numbing for the majority of us. .

You could submit a claim off your own back, this is ill advised.

The answer is simply this; get someone, ‘in the know’, to help with your claim. Someone who understands the intricacies of UK tax laws – a mined maze of pitfalls and dead ends.

  • Who can I get to help with my claim?

The online company, Tax Rebate Services, are the first, and most obvious, choice. This is an online company that offers a specialised service for people facing this particular predicament.

  • Why Tax Rebate Services?

Quite simply, because they know exactly what they’re doing! The company was founded fifteen years ago by an, already vastly experienced, entrepreneur within the accounting sector.

Their staff have many, many years of experience, excellent qualifications and above all, a helpful convivial manner.

High rate of success

Tax Rebate Services is a company with a proud track record of success that’s second to none! Their success rate in tax recovery is extraordinarily high. Take a look at their impressive list of testimonials, there’s no better recommendation then the testament of others!

Free service and helpful aids

First off Tax Rebate Services will not charge a fee should your claim fail to illicit a rebate! That’s reassuring and a sign of absolute confidence.

Furthermore, Tax Rebate Services will, prior to making a claim, access your chances of a successful outcome, again absolutely free of charge . Saving you time and a whole load of exasperation in the process.

Their website is nicely laid out, informative and easy to navigate, with some useful feature.

The online help service will swiftly respond to any queries you may have regarding any tax issues. What’s more, the site has a useful online UK tax-back calculator, it’s easy to operate with clear guides and prompts through each step; check it out here.