Linda Bailey

Linda Bailey
I am a full-time blogger at about investing news, stock market, business/entrepreneur news, personal finance.

DIY Credit Repair Guide

Holidays are over, everybody’s back to work, normal routines take their place, and suddenly the mail from your credit card company arrives. Looking at...

How to Outsource Credit Control in London

If you’ve ever been in business, or worked in the Finance department of any company, you’ll already know what one of the worst tasks...

A Guide to Claiming Tax Back after You’ve Left the UK

It’s hard to believe that anyone should ever want to leave this ‘warm and pleasant land!’ Nevertheless thousands do. There’s also something that a...

Can I Get a Consumer debt Consolidation Mortgage loan If I’ve No Credit score

Unsecured debt consolidation is mainly ready to meet the demand of individuals who been affected by a specific credit rating position. Which means every...

Things Not To Forget While Lending Or Selling Gold

Are you running short of money, but need some hard cash immediately? Do not feel embarrassed in case you have approached your friends and...

I Am New To Insurance, What Do I Need To Know

Car insurance is mandatory not just in the United Kingdom but any part of the globe, where you choose to drive a car. What...

Get the Best Accountant Consultant for Your Financial

As we know that money is such an important thing in our life. We cannot live without money for our daily living. In every...

Obtain Smooth Flow of Money through Tenant Loans

Are you a tenant and want to fulfill your basic requirements but have little money? Choose the option of tenant loans, which are offered...

Planning to run a business Our tips to consider

Starting and running a business takes planning and a strategy, but it also helps to know what tips might help. These are tips that...

Picking the Right Asbestos Removal Company

There are needs that you have in regard to your home and in regard to keeping the place safe for your family. When your...


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