What Home Insurance Choosing

What Home Insurance Choosing

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Obligatory and long tedious to terminate, home insurance is probably the one to which the French are most faithful. Generally, only a move is an opportunity to change. However, since 1 January 2015 and the entry into force of the Hamon Act, it is possible to terminate an insurance contract at any time after one year has expired. But to choose which formula instead? As insurers all offer the same common protection base (against theft, breakage of ice, catastrophes, natural events, etc.), it is difficult to base their opinion on anything other than the amount of the premium, the difference being guarantees and the amount of deductibles.

Often neglected in favor of the amount of the premium, the amount of the deductibles is nevertheless capital. This is what the insured must pay out of his pocket in the event of a disaster. A high deductible can thus considerably limit the interest of an advantageous premium. Demonstration with the “loss of food” guarantee of the MAE, in case of failure of the refrigerator following a disaster. A good idea … as long as you shop at Fauchon. Indeed, the insurer matches this guarantee with a deductible of 115 euros … Below this amount of food lost, you will not receive anything. Carrefour, who also sells insurance, incorporates the same guarantee, but no deductible, for those who fill their wagon in supermarkets. “It only takes a duplicate receipt (not necessarily from Carrefour, moreover) to be compensated “, explains the commercial. It’s better.

Another point to watch for is how your stolen, destroyed or damaged goods will be refunded. Almost all insurances offer, in their multi-hazard contracts, the refund of appliances, televisions or computer equipment. However, these guarantees are subject to certain clauses of duration (generally up to five years). Moreover, for valuables (jewelery, watches, etc.), proof of these possessions must be provided: invoices, photographs … and except in special cases, the refund of valuables will not exceed 50% of the amount of the value of the goods declared at the time the contract was purchased.

Finally, all insurance offers additional guarantees, which it is important to study to see if they really meet your needs. “Modern home insurance incorporates much more than the simple warranties needed to protect the home. It covers small incidents or even the big accidents of life, “explains Matmut to justify the differences in tariffs. Some will cover legal fees, childcare or repatriation fees, for example. So much so that the insured sometimes do not know that they are covered for much more than they imagine. Fortunately, if some of these guarantees seem unnecessary (or telescopes with bank card protections), they do not paradoxically increase the amount of premiums.

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